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Digital Slim™ Fluffy cordless vacuum cleaner (new version)

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    Dyson Digital Slim™ Fluffy cordless vacuum cleaner (new version)

    The new Digital Slim is designed to meet the needs of Hong Kong users, and the field trip to understand the cleaning habits to design a more ergonomic design, which is 20% smaller than previous products, 30% lighter, and the extension tube is 12% shorter than the V11 series and 6.3 mm thinner, but still maintains its strong suction. At the same time, the newly developed Hyperdymium Motor, which has a speed of up to 120,000 revolutions per minute, is equipped with 11 redesigned vortex cyclones, generating a powerful centrifugal force of 100,000g and more effectively separating dust and scale from the air flow.

    ・ The weight of the whole machine is only 1.9 kg, which is 30% lighter than the previous generation Dyson V11 and lighter than the V8 Slim's 2.15 kg.

    While reducing the weight of the fuselage, the Digital Slim's suction power is still strong compared to the strongest Dyson V11.

    ・ Lightweight soft carbon fiber drum tips have been redesigned to be 40% smaller and 40% lighter than previous generations, making it easier to pick up the entire Digital Slim.

    ・ Various tips are included, which can be replaced according to the cleaning environment to achieve the best vacuuming effect.

    ・ Equipped with the latest LED gap cleaning tips, it is more convenient to clean dark corners.

    ・ Replaceable battery design allows batteries to be replaced when there is no power to obtain double the use time.

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