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[Buy 1 get 1 free] MVSK Titanium 0.25mm Dermaroller System (540 Needles)

1pc x 2
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MVSK [Buy 1 get 1 free] MVSK Titanium 0.25mm Dermaroller System (540 Needles)

This painless microneedle roller is made using titanium alloy. Designed for domestic use, the roller comes with 540 microneedle heads, each only as short as 0.25mm. Rolling with the device evenly on face will stimulate skin and create numerous micro ducts that allow the permeation of active ingredients.

Rolling with microneedles can also stimulate the proliferation of collagen and fibroblasts at dermis. The micorneedles used are tinier than 30G fine needles. Pricking with them will create a minimally-invasive surface. The wounds, nevertheless, recover swiftly with no scars, and because they are not oversized, they will not overload the skin. On the contrary, during the repairing period, skin cells are activated and that will promote the proliferation of collagen and fibroblasts, resulted in holes on skin being filled and the fading of acne scars and pigment. These micro ducts also allow direct and almost perfect absorption of active ingredients by skin cells. Hence, the roller can be used along with different facial essence to target individual needs. The treatment indeed regenerates skin from the inside out and provides thorough improvement to skin texture.

Features and Effects of Microneedle Therapy:
(1) Microneedle rolling will create numerous micro ducts that allow the permeation of active ingredients into skin (a six-minute treatment creates 300,000 micro pores). It has a more direct effect on dermis layer when compare with ordinary skincare products.  
(2) The required active ingredients can be delivered to the most perfect absorption location of skin; permeability of ordinary facial product can be enhanced by hundreds of thousands times.
(3) It participates directly in the metabolism of cells, triggering the repairing of damaged tissues, bringing wrinkle-removing, lifting, whitening and anti-aging effects.
(4) With the help of the skin’s natural self-repairing capability, it promotes metabolism of skin and induce the self-generation of skin collagen. These contribute to the maintaining of elasticity, smoothness and firmness of skin.

Place of Origin: Taiwan


Note: It is recommended to use twice every week at the beginning (use only once a week if you have sensitive skin). Adjust according to your need afterwards.
(1) Clean the face > Simply clean your face using cleansing cream.
(2) Sterilize microneedles > Wash microneedles with running water; then wash or soak in hot water. Allow to dry in air before applying disinfectant.
(3) Operate aseptically > Unsterilized microneedle treatment may cause infection. Please sterilize before use.
(4) Apply essence/stoste > It is necessary to use a mild and non-irritating product.
(5) Start rolling > Areas to roll: forehead, cheeks and chin. Roll horizontally, vertically and diagonally; roll 6-7 times for each direction. Do not apply too much pressure when you roll; roll gently instead. The pressure applied and rolling speed should be the same throughout the whole treatment. Depending on the rolling speed and how familiar the user is with the rolling, each treatment should last 1-2 minutes. Nevertheless, it is recommended that each treatment should not last more than 3 minutes.  
(6) Moisturize skin after rolling > pay attention to moisturizing after treatment. Please apply intensive moisturizing essence or cream. The moisturizing product used has to be mild and not irritating.
(7) Sterilize roller afterwards > wash the roller in running water and then allow it to dry in air. Spray disinfectant over the roller (spray twice) before putting it back into the box.

Points to Note:
1) Avoid applying too much pressure on skin when using the roller. Test on hands first if you have sensitive skin.
2) Microneedle is suitable only for healthy adult skin. To avoid bacteria inflection, skin with wound, pustule, acne or dermatitis should first recover before having microneedle therapy.
3) Avoid strong sunlight before and after microneedle therapy.
4) It is normal for the skin to develop redness and swelling that last a few hours or even a few days after microneedle therapy. Stop using if the condition worsens and consult the doctor when necessary.
5) Sterilize the microneedle derma roller before first time use. The product is not packed in aseptic packaging.
6) Replace the microneedles if the microneedles of the roller become blunt after the roller has been used for a long time or in case the roller drops accidentally on the floor (microneedles may crook or become blunt after hitting the floor). The treatment may accompany a slight prickling sensation. Apply hyaluronic acid after use. It is normal to have a mild redness on skin.