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[Buy 1 get 1 free] MVSK Gold Sheep Placenta Serum

5mlx4pcs x 2
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MVSK [Buy 1 get 1 free] MVSK Gold Sheep Placenta Serum

Each drop of MVSK® Gold Sheep Placenta Serum consists of living cells that are highly identical to human DNA. With the aid of MVSK®TBIOX™ cell membrane imitation technology, effective ingredients are protected from oxidization until they are absorbed by skin. And then, they will divide on their own deep under skin and this process will ensure the full permeation of ingredients. It is confirmed by many trial users that the product is highly effective in repairing withered cells and it can postpone aging of skin. This indeed is the ultimate solution that makes your skin younger.

Sheep placenta offers fantastic effects and is praised as a “miraculous anti-aging solution”. It carries beneficial elements including but not limited to natural gonadal hormone, vitamin B and E complex, enzymes, lecithin/vitellin and various minerals. Sheep placenta has been very popular since its debut among the celebrities as well as influential and important members of the society.

Featured Effects:
◎Powerfully repairs withered cells and postpones aging.
◎Improves skin problems such as roughness, wrinkles, loosening and aging.
◎Activates the regeneration of collagen; minimizes pores; restores firmness and elasticity.
◎Fights off deep layer pigments; whitens spots; evens skin tones.
◎Restores the moisture and brightness of healthy skin.
◎Increase the density of dermis.

◎ 3 Months Pregnant Swiss Medical Sheep
The product is made using healthy embryo cell factor taken from black sheep (medical sheep), that are raised in pollution-free Alps grasslands located 4,000m above sea level.

◎TBIOX ™ Cell Membrane Imitation Technology
Try a single drop to experience the immediate tightening effect. The product will permeate into the deepest skin layer totally.

◎ Applicaton of Nanofiltration Membrane Technology
The active elements of sheep placenta, originally as large molecules, are broken down by means of
bio-decomposition into highly active biotic elements 5000dt in size for easy absorption.

Place of Origin: Switzerland

Apply appropriate amount of the product (approx. 2-3 drops) after cleaning on face and neck before and after bed. Gently massage until fully absorbed.