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Imabari Towel BJ2062 Bath Towel Pink 60 x 120 cm - Japan

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    HAYASHI (林) Imabari Towel BJ2062 Bath Towel Pink 60 x 120 cm - Japan

    Imabari towels are not a brand, but a standard for quality towels. Only by passing 12 tests can it be recognized as the standard certification of "Imabari Towel", which is the general term for high-quality towels produced in Imabari City, Japan, which has excellent water absorption, softness and skin-friendly non-irritation, etc., so it is welcomed by many consumers in Japan and abroad, and almost once used it will be loved.

    Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan, has been producing towels for more than 100 years, and Imabari towels have become synonymous with high-quality towels, and local manufacturers are still constantly improving their production technology to make more sophisticated products.

    Compared with ordinary towels, Imabari towels have better water absorption, even when used on wet bodies, they can immediately absorb moisture, and with soft skin, people can wipe it on the skin of a baby without worry. Even the durability is better than the general towel, after many washing is still not easy to off the line of the hair ball, and product safety is also an important part, Imabari towel must pass the formaldehyde (Formaldehyde) content test, Japan's national requirements are less than 0.03 absorbency.

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