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TIA MAS Cleansing & Firming 3-in-1 Beauty Device [Purple]

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    BEGLOW TIA MAS Cleansing & Firming 3-in-1 Beauty Device [Purple]

    SkinSense Technology activates gentle yet powerful pulsed vibrations to help remove dirt and grime

    Dual-pulse technology triggers stronger pulses to help improve cheekbones and jawline lines

    Keep in refrigerator before use to intensify treatment

    BeGlow – TIA MAS Regenerating Beauty Machine

    The technology allows you to adjust the pulse intensity completely according to your own preferences and skin care needs, avoiding damage to sensitive skin caused by excessive frequency.

    The brush head combines fine and coarse bristles to clean different parts of the face separately, so that every inch of skin can enjoy the ultimate care. The silicone brush head is easy to clean and replaceable, preventing the growth of acne-causing bacteria. SkinSense rubs and vibrates to deeply cleanse the skin.

    100 pulses of frequency, compared with the patented skin-sensing technology of only 8500 to 4500 per minute by human hands, the deep cleaning mode can produce BeGlow, which is inherited from Tia Mas.

    In addition to meeting the basic needs of cleansing, TIA MAS has added a newly designed micro-current shaping technology.

    Compared with the traditional double-headed micro-electric design, in addition to the aesthetic improvement, the skin distance between the two ends of the micro-electricity is shortened by technology to reduce the resistance; with its curved surface design, the micro-current can be more aggregated, and the skin of the face is free from the bottom of the skin. Dead corner coverage.

    TIAMAS stimulates facial skin through 250 to 350 microamperes of polymeric microcurrent, penetrates deep into the fascia layer, stimulates ATP (adenosine triphosphate) contained in fibroblasts, activates facial muscles, and drives collagen and elastin regeneration and promotion metabolism in the body.

    This energy introduction effectively and quickly repairs the skin, reduces fine lines and soothes edema, reshapes the facial contour, and restores a youthful state.

    Three micro-current modes, you can choose the appropriate micro-current intensity according to your own needs. Provides "gentle", "enhanced", and "efficient" TIA MAS

    Instructions for use:

    Makeup removal and cleaning: Apply the cleansing product to the face, then wet the cleansing brush head, and use it in the cleansing mode.

    Clean the skin for about one minute: move the brush head slowly to clean the whole face without rubbing the skin. When moving to the oily face area, press gently to strengthen the pulse, and the cleaning time is about one minute.

    Micro Lift: Use with your favorite skin care products and apply it to the areas of the face that need care. Select the appropriate current intensity according to your own needs, and perform facial micro-lifting. The recommended use time is 3 minutes. (Water-based skin care products help improve the effect of micro-current care)

    *Because everyone's sensitivity to micro-current is different, some parts may feel slightly irritated when using the product, so it is recommended to test the skin's sensitivity to micro-current on the inside of the arm, and then adjust the current intensity gear that suits you to use.

    Cleaning the instrument: Please clean the instrument with water, place the instrument in a dry, ventilated and cool place, and let it dry naturally.

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