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Enhanced Ultrasonic Radio Frequency Slimming Instrument Pro

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JUJY Enhanced Ultrasonic Radio Frequency Slimming Instrument Pro

1. The enhanced version of the energy upgrade is coming, bringing a strong and effective slimming experience, plus fat burning slimming cream, the effect is doubled.

2. Professional layered slimming energy, EMS current surface layer + RF radio frequency dermis layer + ultrasonic fat layer + MFIP deep muscle exercise, energy upgrade and more professional breakthrough in slimming problems.

3. Energy upgrade, 800,000 frequency ultrasonic energy + 1MHz radio frequency to burn and smash fat, 90KHz micro-current + 100,000 Hz mid-cycle wave drives the muscles to automatically move and shape, and the shaking is visible to eye.

"Three-color light therapy + radio frequency slimming at the same time rejuvenates the skin and lightens the lines, and stretch marks and orange lines can also be effectively lightened; 42-degree hot compress can start the cycle at any time, which is a must for slimming in winter.

Arms, thighs, waist and abdomen slimming modes are individually set, and different slimming programs are set for different areas, making it more scientific to shape and reduce fat.

The official configuration of slimming body cream, with the use of double the fat burning effect, the unique fumaric acid assists in dissolving fat decomposition, adding caffeine to eliminate body edema, giving you a perfect curve. "

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Product Warranty: 1 YearHost*1 Charging cable*1 Cleaning cloth*1 Base*1 Instruction manual*1 Official slimming cream*1Main material: PC, ABS, zinc alloy, stainless steelPower: 5WRated voltage: 7.4V?Plug: Type-C charging cableCharging time: about 5 hoursUse time: about 45-60 minutes