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CO2 Mask (Patented EX edition) 10sets– Original – Peach Favor

(40g+7g) x10pcs
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道DOU CO2 Mask (Patented EX edition) 10sets– Original – Peach Favor

Patented technology research and development to stimulate the synthesis of

collagen, the rapid activation of skin cells to achieve immediate repair!

(This technology of mask in Japan are patented and certificate)

Significant improvement / Specially effective in:

Dull, dark yellow skin

Fine lines, wrinkles


Ance printed, color stains

Redness after facial treatment

Sensitive after facial treatment

* Recommended for continuously uses every day lasting for 14-21 days to achieve

the best results! Then 1-2 times per week for maintenance purposes.

Patented formula, 3 special characteristics:

1. Compared with similar products in the market, this is patented EX version!

Ingredients can lead to penetrate to deeply skin, ultra-efficient moisturizing, increase

brightness, flexibility and transparency of skin, efficient on minimizing of pores,

sharpen your face at the same time.

2. Most of CO2 mask in market, usually mixed with a pack of gel and a pack of

powder, have to mix and let all powder melt in the gel in a short time, stirring time will

directly affect the evaporation of CO2, will also affect the result of the mask. At the

same time, the powder is more difficult to control and mix well, very embarrassed. "

道DOU" CO2 Mask contains two packs of gels, more easy to handle, and CO2 can

lock in the gel which can totally apply deeply to your skin when use.

3. Those CO2 mask in the market will not be solid, and need to wash with water and

spend a long time to clean the thick gel, complicated to handle which not convenient,

spent time. "道DOU" CO2 Mask is the only CO2 mask that can becomes solid then

tear off without using water to clean it up. According to personal preferences, coated

with personal skin care products. After 30-45 minutes, the mixed CO2 gel is still

working, try to apply to other part of your dull area (such as neck).

The three major features of carbon dioxide

1. High Penetration:

The carbon dioxide have chemical properties of self- ionization into a negative ion.

This negative ion attracts a positive ion, seen on human skin, and this effect leads to

high penetration into capillaries in deep skin. In other words, this is "Ion Penetrating


2. Vasodilation

Penetrating of carbon dioxide into capillaries brings vasodilation and increase of

blood flow. The oxygen and the nutrients, that have been previously difficult to reach

into peripheral tissue, are well delivered by this increase. Moreover, this makes the

body wastes flow well.

3. Increase of Oxygen

The human body senses hypoxic condition after absorbing carbon dioxide and tries to

supply oxygen to there. This is called "Bohr effect".

Carbon dioxide entering the blood vessel reaches to hemoglobin, and then is emitted

through the veins. As this activity is promoted more, the metabolism will be activated.

Just as we breathe in oxygen, also skin cells are using oxygen as one of the energy


To create new cells.

To create amino acid and ceramides, constituting the stratum corneum.

To create collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid in dermis layers.

All these activities of cells are greatly affected by the function of oxygen.

**Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offers (discounts or gifts) 

CO2 Mask (Patented EX edition) 10sets– Original – Peach Favor
1. The 2 (Large and Small) aluminum foil bags were squeezed out of carbonated mask latex, placed in the plastic container which provided in the box. (Both packs are gels, there will be no powder pack which different with those in the market)2. Mix the latex-like carbonic acid ingredients in the container with the attached bar. Mix both gels together about 1 minutes until it becomes smooth, carbon dioxide begins to emit.3. After mixing, apply the mixed gel covering the entire face by using the attached plastic bar (due to the occurrence of CO2 immediately, there is a cool and comfort feeling when applied on the skin)4. After 30 minutes: can see some small bubble appear, gel will starting to solidify, CO2 is now affecting and working.5. Leave it on face about 30-45 minutes (will begin solidify after applied on face y 10-15mins) (the skin surface may be a little pink, due to blood circulation and skin absorption, it’s normal reaction, will back to normal after few minutes)6. After removing the solidified mask, no need to clean with water, essence that on face can be evenly massage throughout the face and skin (you can also wash it by water if not feel comfortable, then apply your daily skincare products)