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Carl Schmidt Sohn

CSS 7L Purssure Cooker (with Steamer)

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    Carl Schmidt Sohn CSS 7L Purssure Cooker (with Steamer)

    ADELAIDE pressure cooker has a unique knob design, the switch and pressure adjustment can be easily operated with one hand. The pot body is made of 316 (highest grade) stainless steel, which is extremely durable and easy to clean. With two-stage pressure adjustment, 60kPa pressure is suitable for cooking vegetables, and 90kPa pressure is suitable for fast cooking of meat or beans. The built-in six-level safety system ensures stable and easy-to-use, absolute safety and prevention of misoperation during cooking. Comply with the quality verification of testing agencies in different countries. Compared with ordinary pots, it saves more than 70% cooking time. As the pressure in the pressure cooker rises, the temperature inside will also be higher than 100°C (212°F), which speeds up the cooking of the food. When the pressure in the cooker has risen, the power can be lowered which also can save energy and money. Suitable for all kinds of cooking stoves, including induction. Additional glass lid, steamer and rack accessories are included.

    Time Savings & Energy Savings & Cook multiple foods at once

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