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Apple Airpods 2 Comes With A Charging Case

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    Apple Apple Airpods 2 Comes With A Charging Case

    The new AirPods bring a reimagined wireless headset experience. Just take the AirPods out of the charging case, and they are immediately ready for use with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac.

    Just one tap to complete the setting, AirPods is ready for you, everything is exquisite. They will start automatically and stay connected. When you put AirPods in your ears, they can sense them; when you remove them, they will pause playback.

    To adjust the volume, play another song, make a call, or even get directions, just say "Hey Siri" and make a request. You can freely choose to wear one side or both sides of AirPods; while listening to music or podcast, you can double-tap to start playing or skip to the next paragraph.

    On a single charge, AirPods can provide 5 hours of listening time1 and 3 hours of talk time2. In addition, the charging box can store multiple charges, enough for more than 24 hours, so that your AirPods can always accompany you3. Need a fast charge? Just put it in the charging box for 15 minutes, which can provide you with 3 hours of listening time4 or 2 hours of talk time5.

    AirPods are driven by the new Apple H1 headset chip, equipped with an optical sensor and a dynamic acceleration sensor, know how to detect whether the headset is in your ears. Whether you are using either or both sides of the AirPods, the H1 chip will automatically guide the audio and activate the microphone. When you answer a call or have a conversation with Siri, the additional voice recognition acceleration sensor can work seamlessly with the beamforming microphone to filter out external noise, while focusing on receiving your voice.

    Designed by Apple

    Automatic start, automatic connection

    Easily complete settings for all Apple devices6

    Quickly activate Siri via "Hey Siri" or double tap setting

    Double tap to start playing or skip to the next paragraph

    Can be charged quickly with the charging case

    The charging case can be charged via the Lightning connector

    Round and high-quality audio and voice

    Switch seamlessly between different devices


    - Parallel imports

    -   9-12 Month Warranty

    **Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offers (discounts or gifts)