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Allklear Green Shake Meal Replacement

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Allklear Allklear Green Shake Meal Replacement

Weight loss doesn't mean going hungry!

Lose 7lbs in a week with ease.

Just a few simple steps and you can enjoy nutritious and delicious "Allklear Green Shake Meal Replacement"!

One serving contains more than 5 bowls of salad nutrition and dietary fiber. It is low-calorie, high-fiber and full of nutrition. Comparable to the nutritional value of an ordinary meal, but more balanced and more healthy. Enriched dietary fiber can greatly increase the feeling of fullness, and at the same time isolate and reduce the absorption of sugar and oil. It helps you detox and lose weight, improve bad breath and skin problems. It is especially suitable for those who care about weight management, vegetarianism, and those who have busy lives and have insufficient time to eat.


Satiating! Full of Fiber! Full of Nutrition!


Wheat fiber, Moringa leaf, Spinach fiber, Green Tea, Oligosaccharides, Spirulina, Guava, Guar Gum, Green Apple, Wheat Grass, Lemon, Aloe Vera


Consume 1 sachet of Allklear Detox Future Salad, 1 bag of Magical Seed (Flex Seed & Chia Seed) and 1 bag of mixed nuts once a day to replace either breakfast, lunch or dinner. Mix the sachet of Allklear Detox Future Salad and the bag of Magical Seed with 250ml skimmed milk, unsweetened soy milk, oat milk or diluted apple juice. Consume the bag of mixed nuts after drinking. Stay hydrated after consumption.