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[Buy 1 get 1 free] Hpbrt White Toning Serum Treatment

1mlx30支 x 2
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DEVDO [Buy 1 get 1 free] Hpbrt White Toning Serum Treatment

Each tube contains 3 major advanced ingredients: The latest HPBRT™ from Germany, PhytoCellTec™ stem cells and native vegetal cells of oceanic crista. The essence triggers the self-repairing capability of basal cells in skin and helps fighting free radicials, oxidation and saccharification. It is also added with various active whitening ingredients from plants (amla extract — Merck’s patented whitening ingredient, organic daisy extract, nenuphar extract, mushroom glucan and rosemary extract, etc). The product is proven by duo clinical tests to be effective when being used consecutively for 4 weeks: it brightens and whitens skin, helps fighting stubborn dark spots and potential deposition of pigment, refines uneven complexion, removes yellowish skin tone, improves dullness, fades acne marks, and minimizes pores. It also restores the natural translucency and white colour of skin while refining skin texture.

Whitening & Spot-fading Effects Proven by Duo Clinical Tests:
The product is proven by duo clinical tests to be effective
in whitening and fading spots after 4-week consecutive use

Identifying skin colour change with subjective observation could be easily affected by the difference in one’s sensation of light as well as the light source during observation. Hence, this clinical study has adopted “skin melanin test” and CIELAB — a standard colour system adopted by International Commission on Illumination (CIE) — when measuring the multi-dimensional change of skin colour space. This contributes to a more reliable measurement of complexion.
Information Verified by Clinical Research:
Subjects: Asian women, aged 20-30 (12); aged 30-40 (6); aged 40-50 (2)
Duration of test: 3 June 2015 to 1 July 2015. Apply twice daily for a consecutive of 4 weeks.
Instrument used: Derma-Expert MC760 melanin detector: use to test the skin whitening effect of the product. VisioFace® 1000 D: Use to test skin for dark spots, wrinkles, pores and complexion etc.

Test Results:
After using the product for 4 weeks, the whiteness and radiance of subjects’ skin have obviously been improved with a lower level of melanin. Complexion has also become more even. Moreover, pores are obviously minimized. Apart from faded dark spots and more even complexion, their skin texture has also become finer and firmer.

Place of Origin: Germany

Use every day in the morning and in the evening. Clean your face before use. Take 1 tube of the whitening essence and drip all the content (1 ml) onto your palm. Massage from centre of face to both sides in circular motion until absorbed (avoid contact with eyes).