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[Buy 1 get 1 free] Anti-Glycation Syn-Ake Eye Mask

  • eye mask
  • DEV435573
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    DEVDO [Buy 1 get 1 free] Anti-Glycation Syn-Ake Eye Mask

    It uses high cost NANOFRONT®fiber membrane dressing, has strong effect to tighten the eye skin. And the essence of the mask is even smaller, which can make skin contact surface more and have better permeable performance. In the formula, Syn-Ake venom serum, PhytoCellTec™ cells, native vegetal cells of oceanic crista, Rice Ferment Filtrate (Sake), TRIPEPTIDE-1, and other ingredients are injected, which can Removing Dark Circles, Anti-Puffiness & Firming.

    Removing Dark Circles, Anti-Puffiness, Firming.

    Place of Origin: Germany

    Please take out an eye mask; using one hand to hold, another hand to gently pull the eye mask upwards, making the eye mask is fixed under the eye. After 15 minutes, take off the eye mask, massage the covered area gently to absorb the remain beauty ingredients.