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Skinpower Cream & Eye Cream Set : Skinpower Cream+Skinpower Eye Cream

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SK-II Skinpower Cream & Eye Cream Set : Skinpower Cream+Skinpower Eye Cream

1. Skinpower Eye Cream (15g)

SK-II presents this new SKINPOWER Eye Cream, formulated with conditioning ingredients to supercharge your eye contour area for a brighter and more youthful appearance. This nourishing yet lightweight texture quickly melts into the skin, making it instantly ready for makeup, while its unique formula enriches the skin with a revolutionary, brand-exclusive ingredient complex – InfinitPower Technology. It is designed to supercharge the power source of your skin for a more energised and revived appearance while also boosting the skin with hydration for a tightened and smoother look.


•   Take a pea-sized amount of eye cream with the spatula

•   Dot cream around the eye area with your finger

•   Use your finger to gently circle the eye area until completely absorbed

2. Skinpower Cream (80g)

Skinpower Cream Creambrings you the next level of lengthwisecrosswise firmness. In just one day*, this moisturising cream gives you firmness from every angle.


In 10 days*, signs of ageing skin diminishes so that skin becomes firmer,smoother, tighter, and more radiant. After one jar*, fine lines appear less defined. Use in tandem with the essence to get the full effect of Pitera™ and Radical New Age Complex.


Embrace a future of youthful beauty.


1.   Take a pearl-sized amount of the cream and dot your face.

2.   Massage gently outwards to spread evenly.

3.   Use morning and night after the essence.