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6mm letter T Diamond earring stud

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  • COR433356
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    Coronet 6mm letter T Diamond earring stud

    Barcode : B40743

    Diamond 7pcs - 0.021ct



    1. After the order is placed, it will be shipped within 3 working days. 3% administration charge will be incurred for any case of cancel order.                           
    2. The product will provide delivery service for free within Hong Kong, and customer will receive the logistics tracking information through E-mail within 3 days after purchasing the product. If you do not receive the message within 3 days, please contact customer service immediately. AARON SHUM JEWELRY LTD customer service Email: info@aaronshum.com/ hotline: 2334-2299
    3. The measurements such as weight, size etc. may have a deviation of above 5%. The color of the product picture may vary due to different display devices.                            
    4. The company will provide return/exchange or repair services for the products with quality problems but does not involve deliberate destruction. Return/exchange services would need 3-21 days depends on product’s condition.                    
    please pay attention to the following precautions to protect your rights:                           
    i.  Please check the goods immediately after receiving the goods. If there is any problem, notify us by email within 7 days (photo of the damaged part is required)-return/exchange will be accepted after 7 days of receipt date;           
    ii. Goods must be returned together with the relevant sales slip and packaging. Customer has to inform the customer service the tracking code as soon as possible. If the same are damaged or lost, no return is accepted. Customers need to contact customer service first to obtain the delivery address;                            
    iii. Before returning the goods, the customer should ensure that the packaging is intact and provide logistics tracking information to AARON SHUM JEWELRY LTD customer service. The customer must purchase the transportation insurance provided by the transportation company to protect the customer's rights;
    iv. If there are signs of modification or out of normal wear and tear for repairing as confirmed by our professional jewelers, we will reserve the right not to provide returns/exchanges or to charge.           
    v. The repair fee will be sent to the customer before the repair, and customer has the right not to accept. After the customer pays for re-delivery and inspection, the product will be sent back to the customer after repairing.                           
    vi. Bonjour and AARON SHUM JEWELRY LTD reserve the rights for final decision.