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BioEm Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid

  • Antibacterial
  • OEM430427
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    Expiry Date: 2021-11-01
    BIOEM BioEm Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid

    Design: Environmental friendly plastic material with a lockable spray [Refillable]

    The simply-designed bottle is equipped with a lock at the nozzle. It is suitable for travel usage, cleaning indoor air in the hotel room and its pillow, bedding, towel and toilet. The product can be refilled with BioEm Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid, eco-friendly and practical.

    BioEm Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid is made from patented formula, the use of natural botanical extracts can effectively kill a variety of bacteria and viruses (such as: SARS, H3N2, H5N1, Legionella (can cause Legionella Pneumophila), MRSA, etc.), decompose of the total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), such as: formaldehyde and deodorize. Products certified by the authority, safe and reliable, suitable for any age.

    Recommended Applications:
    Home Care- living room / dining room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, checkroom, storage room, shoes cabinet and carpets etc.
    Children care – daily necessities disinfection (dolls / toys, utensils, BB bed, school bags and BB cars, etc.).
    Vehicles Hygiene – air sanitization, disinfection, decomposition of the formaldehyde inside and odor (food flavor, smoke and pet smell, etc.).
    Sports Hygiene – Disinfection of sporting equipment (fitness equipment, public bath towels, yoga mats and sportswear, etc.).
    Travel – hotel supplies disinfection (such as: hotel beds, hotel towels and toilet, etc.)

    Main natural plant ingredients:
    Spearmint, Arteannuin, Matrine and Tea saponin

    The main feature:
    Sanitization, disinfection, decomposition of the total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), such as: formaldehyde and deodorization.

    When used, you can spray directly in the air or on the surface of objects for sanitizing. The natural ingredients of this product may cause colour fading on the surface of leather and wooden items. Recommend to wipe after use.