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Suisse Reborn

[2pcs - Special Price] Advanced Hydro Gentle Cleanser

220ml x 2
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Suisse Reborn Advanced Hydro Gentle Cleanser provides comfortable and non-drying cleansing experience. Comforting formula contains natural ingredients that gently removes impurities and decongests skin.


Suisse Reborn

An advanced technology, the Harmonizer of Cutaneous Hydrous Flows optimizes the moisture level and retain the oil-water balance to skin. Enriched with Mallow Extract and Wild Pansy Extract, soothing and refreshing virtues, leaves skin feeling refresh and supple. Suitable for all skin type.


The cleanser gives a smooth, gentle wrap around the skin, gently remove the most stubborn makeup. Instantly emulsified when contact with water, its silky texture makes it easy to cleanse. Provide a superior cleansing effect and long-lasting moisturizing effect, soothing and moisturizing dry skin while gently melting makeup and dirt. The skin becomes incredibly soft and smooth. 


Every morning and evening ,massage over face with light circular motions ,rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water,Follow with Suisse Reborn skin care regimen.