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Heroine Make Micro Mascara Advanced Film (01 Jet black)

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1. Ultrafine*brush adds emphasis to all lash types.
Gives a beautiful, long curl to the inner corner of the eye, the tail of the eye and short baby hairs which we tend to miss. Use your eyelashes to the fullest for a natural, full eye look.
2. Removable with warm water with soap
The secret to “Warm water with soap”
It is designed to blend with the soap and cause the coating of the mascara to disintegrate.
3. Doesn’t blur, even after tears and rubbing!
4. Long lasting curl lock.
5. Contains Eyelash serum ingredients
Camellia oil, Royal jelly extract, Argan oil, Rosehip oil [Rose canina fruit oil] 
Apply after curling lashes with eyelash curler
Swirl the brush lightly against the sides of the container when it fails to pick up enough mascara from prolonged use.