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Rote Fabrik

Rote Fabrik Rosy-White Special Christmas Set

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Rosy White Rose Stem Cell Eye Essence 15ml

Rote Fabrik Rosy White Rose Stem Cell Eye Essence:


  • Redefine delicate eye contour area.
  • Reduce puffiness and wrinkless.
  • Resist environmental stresses.

Rosy - White Rose Stem Cell Lucent Hydra Booster 50ml

Ideal for balancing skin complexion and leaving skin velvet-soft texture, Rose-White Rose Stem Cell Lucent Hydra Booster protects skin from irritations and provides an ultra-smoothing result. In addition to the blend of natural ingredients, which are previous Rose Centifolia Essential Oil Concentrate and Swiss Alpen Rose Stem Cells, reserving the viturs of epidermal regeneration and radical scavenging by Tetrapeptide, Dehydrins and Oxido Reductases. Unique pure rose water hydrates every inch of your skin, leaving elasticity and long lasting moisture.</p>


<p>Rose-White Rose Stem Cell Lucent Hydra Booster is well designated for protecting skin against environment aggressions intensively, bringing your skin hydrated and radiant looking every day. Suitable for all skin types.

Rosy-White Soothing Mist  30ml

With precious Rosa Centifolia Essential Oil Concentrate, Rose-White Smoothing Mist is alcohol-free formulated for purifying, toning and soothing skin. It brings skin's radiance and translucent complexion. Rose-White Smoothing Mist is the step of preparation for receiving the benefits of the day and night treatments. It is suitable for all skin types.