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Dr. Schafter

[2pcs - Special Price] Cellular Regenerating Toner

  • nourishing toners
  • DRC407166
    150ml x 2
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    Dr. Schafter Cellular Regenerating Toner Provides an ultimate solution for your delicate skin. Reserving your skin capital by moisturising, remineralising, regenerating your skin at all time. Thanks to Bio-Fermet actives, a blend of Amino Acids and Glycoproteins, which activate the foundation of your most youthful-looking skin and protects not only skin fundamental elements but also the cohesion of horny layer to retain moisture. With added Hydrating Complex to nourish your skin and prevent moisture loss. This loner activates aesthetic mechanic from elemental level to cellular level, precisely and concisely replenishes skin fundamental elements from inside out. Your skin will become supply, more elastic and radiant after use. Suitable for all skin type.