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Power Solution - Skin Brightening Duo Therapy

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  • YUM421378
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    Yumei Power Solution Skin Brightening Duo Therapy is an effective product that satisfy your dreams of skin brightening, texture refining and face contouring.


    Package with:

    Skin Brightening Therapy essence gel 20g x 5 tubes

    Skin Brightening Therapy mask 12g x 5pcs


    Essence Gel and mask enriched with complex of natural extracts. It hydrates, calms and brightens skin through the mechanism of Bohr Effect. Dermatologically tested. Skin becomes brightened, hydrated, youthful and naturally radiant.


    For intensive treatment program, use twice a week.  And for standard treatment program, use once a week. The mask must be used with the entire one essence gel to achieve maximum brightening effect.




    -          A strong hot and stinging sensation may occur for the one minute after applying the product.


    -          Do not use the product after laser or invasive facial treatments and consult your doctor before use.


    -          Avoid scars, wounds, hypersensitive skin or sunburnt skin. Avoid contact with eyes and exposure to UV-rays before or after using the products. Remember to keep using sunscreen after applying this product.


    -          For external and cosmetic use only. Stop using if allergy occurs. Use immediately after opened. Store in ambient temperature. Keep out of reach of children.


    Step 1:  Cleanse and dry skin thoroughly.
    Step 2:  Apply the entire essence gel and spread evenly on the face.
    Step 3:  Apply the mask to fit the contour of your face (coated side upward)
    Step 4:  Leave on 10 minutes
    Step 5:  Remove the mask and gently rinse off the remaining essence gel on face with lukewarm water.