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Rejuvenating Caviar Set (with Pink Gift Pouch)

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Rejuvenating Caviar Set (with Pink Gift Pouch)

1/ Caviar Ultra-Firming Complex 60ml
Rich containment of Caviar Extract, which various beauty ingredients maes the performance of "Yumei Caviar Ultra Firming Complex" excellent especially in firming effect. In addition, it includes collagen which prevents fine wrinkles and increases skin elasticity; Naturak Betain and Sodium Hyaluronate moisturizes skin and keep it soft and supple; Together with Aole Vera Extract, it balances the level between oil and moisture to soothe skin.

2/ Caviar Ultra-Smoothing Rejuvenator Q10 Extra 50ml
The perfect combination of Caviar Extract and Coenzyme Q10 cures rough and tired skin against polluted environment, stress, by giving nutrition to recover skin to become healthy and elastic. It also instantly brings you a surprising smooth skin texture.

3/ Caviar Ultra-Smoothing Eye Treatment 25ml

Scientifically developed refined Caviar Extract provides rich Adenosine that prevents wrinkles formation. Combined with Coenzyme Q10 magnifies the workforce of skin renewal that significantly nourished and smooted skin, especially tighened up the upper eyelids, hence, making your eye expression become more energetic and younger.