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Blue LED Blackhead Remover

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DR. BAUER Blue LED Blackhead Remover

Air pollution and an improper cleansing routine can easily prove to be the culprit behind troubled skin conditions like clogged pores and blockage of sebaceous gland. Moreover, the excessive application of cosmetics without thorough cleansing will result in impurities and makeup residues left over in skin pores which could easily obstruct the dermal respiration and skin metabolism. With long periods of time, these impurities become blackheads and triggers inflammations. Not only do they affect facial appearance, it would also hinder the absorption of skin care products.

"Dr. Baver Blue LED Blackhead Remover" with vacuum suction technology and one-button simplistic design, removes blackheads gently without squeezing, piercing or scratching. Equipped with a circular suction nozzle, it offers 3 levels of suction power adjustable to fit different parts of the face. With regular use, it could enhance the absorption of skin care products into the dermal tissue.

3 Levels Indicators

Strong Level: Suitable for the nose and oily T-ZONE areas

Medium Level: Suitable for jawline

Weak Level: Suitable for both sides of the cheek and skin around the lips

"Dr. Bauer Blue LED Blackhead Remover" is equipped Blue LED Light Anti-inflammatory Technology with 450 to 475 nm wavelength. This Blue LED light therapy is used for killing acne-causing bacteria and easing the overactive sebum glands, in order to balance the oil secretion. It promotes skin metabolism and self-repairing process of skin-so as to alleviate skin inflammation and irritation conditions.