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French Spring Water Hydrating Essence Face Mask

  • moisturizing masks mask sheet
  • LSA417910
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    Each piece contains 35ml of "French Spring Water Essence", which contains over 60 different kinds of trace elements and vitamin complex.


    They provide skin with balancing, soothing and regenerating benefits. With the high penetrating power of spring water essence, it delivers all the nutrients to the deepest layers of skin, giving an intense moisture balancing power better than ever. It also helps to eliminate impurities, detoxify and tonify the skin, leaves skin feeling soft and soothed immediately.


    This unique treatment provides skin with all the benefits of a thermal spring at home, intensely moisturizing, feeling fresh, supple and glowing with radiant.

    • Provides intense moisturize and hydration to the skin
    • Reduces pores visibly
    • Improves skin's firmness
    • Detoxifies and promotes cell regeneration
    • Soothes skin from allergy

    French Spring Water Essence, over 60 kinds of trace elements, Vitamin Complex, Natural Anti-bacteria Extract, Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF)

    1. Clean and towel dry the face -Place "French Spring Water Hydrating Therapy Face Mask" over the entire face
    2. Remove after 15 minutes. No washing is needed
    3. Gently massage until all essence is completely absorbed

    *Apply other ISAWORKSHOP products to optimize results Suggestions :

    *Regular Treatment: Use continuously for 5 days -Intensive Treatment: May be used as a 30 days non-stop intensive skin treatment