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Spa Treatment

HAS Aging-Care Eye Mask

  • eye mask
  • SPT416344
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    - Eliminate eye, mouth troubles ~

    HAS (human stem cells) is added to the popular [spa treatment pulling the mask iSHEET ]
    Gently pull and wear this mask, you can prevent aging! !

    Elastic mask in a special shape,
    adding new precious ingredient against skin aging

    Just wear 10 minutes every time. With such a simple method you can make eye skin translucent compact, and elastic.

    In addition, the product does not contain ethanol. It is also recommended to people who are allergic to alcohol and can not use the previous iSHEET elastic mask.


    When it comes to mind the condition of your skin several times a week as you wish.

    (1) the use after lotion, Milky lotion, conditioning your skin after washing your face. With supplied tweezers remove the sheets one at a time. First of all in the eyes with one hand to fix holds. Please post the next one hand corner pieces of sheet slowly with moderate force while pulling up on.
    * Quickly pulled and stretched, eliminates the need to stretch, so please pull up slowly.

    (2) Peel the sheet intact about 10 minutes later. The amount remaining on your skin gently on your skin using your fingertips. When using the cream after that please.