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Kid’s Omega3 Fish Oil Chewable Capsule 500mg

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Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids DHA and EPA are important for children's brain, memory and visual development, so most health supplements and infant products are added with DHA and EPA to utilize the benefits of Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Considering that most children are picky eaters, with less fish in their meal, resulting in nutrition insufficient. Health supplement becomes the most direct and effective way to ensure the health of children.

Product Kid's Omega3 Fish Oil Chewable Capsule is developed by GMP certificated pharmaceuti-cal manufacturer in New Zealand and meets the standard from the World Health Organization (WHO), guarantees that product is under strictly quality controlled. Ingredients extracted from deep sea fish species with high quality and concentration. Each capsule contains 90mg EPA and 60mg DHA, providing children high nutritional value of Omega 3 each day. There is no drug ingredients, no heavy metals, no pesticides, no artificial additives, including artificial sweeteners, colorings or preservatives, in the capsules content. Capsule is in orange flavor and fish shaped, chewable and beneficial to children's health development.


•Support brain development and smart thinking

•Promote concentration and improve memorization

•Strengthen cognitive function

•Enhance learning ability and emotional stability

•Improve eye vision and health