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Shu Uemura

Brightening & Polishing Gentle Cleansing Oil

  • cleansing oil Japanese Brand whitening cleansers
  • SHU409348
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    An expert in beauty, shu uemura has unlocked the secret to beautiful and transparent skin for a new era in whitening. All-new blanc:chroma enables what women desire a healthy, bright complexion with natural radiance, free of chroma imperfections.   

    Formulated with purifying Clay Extract and polishing Lipo HA, the oil works to polish away accumulated melano-stains for brighter, transparent, and smoother skin. 

    4D brightening starts with cleansing. Moving beyond stubborn makeup removal, blanc:chroma brightening & polishing gentle cleansing oil effectively polishes away accumulated melano-stains* for brighter and more transparent skin, leading to a beautiful makeup finish.

    In addition to “4D Complex”, NEW exclusive technology!

    Clay EX, a combination of purifying Clay Extractand polishing Lipo HAlightens the skin tone by thoroughly removing accumulated melano-stains.

    Ultimate Removal Systemdissolves and lifts away makeup and impurities in a flash.