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Dr. Schafter

Cellular Magnificent Eye Cream

  • eye cream eye anti-wrinkle
  • DRC407169
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    Dr. Schafter Cordyceps Cellular Magnificent Eye Cream uses a new and improved formula to provide the finest care for your delicate eye skin. It repairs eye skin product in one product: dark circles, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dryness and Swollen and so on.

    Rich in the growth of the mushroom on the Himalayas Plateau - Yarsagumba, which will only appear in the spring for several weeks a year, Yarsagumba is rich in precious Cordyceps, amino acids and minerals, with high antioxidant and skin rejuvenation benefits. Improving skin firmness and fullness. Extraction of stem cell components cultivated in coffee plants (without caffeine) and in combination with a new triple activating technology: Increases collagen I and III production in the dermis; stimulates fat cell formation and reduces subcutaneous lipase activity; strengthens in the epidermis The connection and aggregation of cells with water. This eye cream allowing your skin to experience a natural, high-quality and supple skin care journey, blooming magnificent glory.