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Suisse Reborn

Caviar LUXE Soothing Deep Cleansing Lotion

  • cleansing milk deep-cleansing
  • SRE406407
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    Suisse Reborn Caviar LUXE Soothing Deep Cleansing Lotion is characterised by deep cleansing, moisturising and soothing properties. Removing makeup residues and environmental impurities completely, lightweight texture with mild cleansing agent, which is derived from Ternifolia Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil that delivers immediate moisture for ultimate skin comfort. Combined with ultimate French Caviar, where is extracted nearby Bordeaux, France, contains high quality skin nutrient elements including proteins, minerals, vitamins and lipids, leaving your skin pureness and luminosity.


    Deep cleansing is apparently the important first step to remove impurities, facilitate skin nutrient elements deliver. Purifying and detoxifying your skin exquisitely, Suisse Reborn Caviar LUXE Soothing Deep Cleansing Lotion helps brighten the complexion for you to achieve elegant skin radiance. Suitable for all skin types. Made in Switzerland.


    Apply morning and evening, pour appropriate amount of Cleansing Lotion on palm then glide on face or neck area. Lightly massage and rinse thoroughly with water. Alternatively, use as an all makeup remover. Follow with day and night skin regimen.