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Collagen And Hyaluronic acid Powder

  • protein powder
  • AIH183719
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    Japanese people are very well known for their fair glowing skin. As we get older, we lose our stamina, and increase the risk of having health problems such as adult diseases, menopausal disorders, and osteoporosis. The reason is that the metabolic rate becomes low, which leads to senility, or slower recovery from sickness and chronic diseases. Collagen helps in keeping you healthy and beautiful by slowing aging, and preventing from further skin damage.

    The key ingredient of this healthy drink is “Collagen” which has a very close relationship to our body.
    Collagen peptide- is a gelatine, which is broken down into lower molecules so that it functions better in the digestion and absorption processes.

    This drink is highly recommended for women who are seeking firmer, more elastic and radiant skin. It is never too early to take care of your health, be beautiful inside and out with Asahi perfect Collagen Powder with Vit C.
    -- easily digested and absorbed into the body
    -- easily dispersed and dissolved in water
    -- little smell and high transparency
    -- solution is of low viscosity
    -- low allergen component
    -- high moisture retention
    -- pure low caloric protein used as health food, diet food.


    Take one spoon of powder into cup and mix with juice, coffee, soup or water.
    Recommend one spoon per day.