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Hydra Zen Programme Hydratant Anti-Stress

  • skincare set
  • LAC178673
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    1.    Hydra Zen Neocalm™ Aqua Gel (200ml)
    Multi-Relief Anti-Stress Moisturising Aqua-Gel

    Dehydrated and stressed skin; sensitive and uncomfortable skin, dull and uneven skin tone

    The exquisite Hydra Zen Neocalm™ Aqua Gel is designed to hydrate, soothe, insulate skin from emotional and environmental stress. Yunnan White Jasminum extract protect skin from UBV, preserve skin from emtoional and enviornmental stress. Rose de France extract & Mu Dan Pi soothe and de-stress skin. Skin feels comfortable, looks refined and matified.

    Morning and evening, using a cotton swab with gentle movements from.

    2.    Hydra Zen Neocalm™ Gel Essence (30ml)
    Moisturizing Multi-Relief Anti-Stress Gel Essence

    A unique, feather-light texture which is instantly absorbed by skin, leaving no greasy film. All skin types, including sensitive. Hydra Zen Neurocalm™ essence features a unique technology to provide intense, immediate and continuous moisturisation and soothe sensitive skin. The delicious oil-in-water texture melts onto the skin. It intensely moisturises and lastingly soothes the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and radiant.

    Moisturises : Lipidure and Hyaluronic acid microcapsules, vectorised ceramides and Glycerol provide the skin with intense, long-lasting hydration.

    Soothes and relieves stress: The Neurocalm™ complex with natural plant extracts combats the negative effects of environmental and emotional stress.

    Samphire boosts the positive effects of stress by producing beta-endorphins, providing heightened moisturisation.

    Soothing fragrance:

    Proven calming, anti-stress action.

    - Rose and lily-of-the-valley: soothing

    - Orange: relaxing

    - Apple: anti-stress

    - White musk: reassuring

    All skin types, including sensitive

    3. Hydra Zen Cream-Gel (50ml)
    Extreme Soothing Moisturising Cream-Gel

    Sooth 96% of skin discomfort. Combination of Neurocalm dermo-soothing complex and Ji Xue Cao leaves, an active ingredient scientifically proven to reduce skin-generated stress. Intense and continuous moisture for 24 hour. Lipidure microcapsules + Hyaluronic Acid + Vectorised Tri-Ceramides continuously infuse skin with intense moisture up to 24h.

    A soothing remedy for dryness, stress, and fatigue. Suitable for sensitive skin