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Vitacreme B12

B12 Regenerative Cream

  • moisturizing essence
  • VIM166584
    50ml / 1.7oz
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    A regenerative cream formulated with vitamin B12.
    Delivers moisture to epidermis to revive skin's upper layers.
    Accelerates regeneration of skin cells and renews skin texture.
    Banishes age lines, lessens and prevents wrinkles.
    Repairs and rebalances skin's natural defense system.
    Sleeks and minimizes new or old scars.
    Restores flexibility and firmness to skin.
    Unveils softer, more luminous and ageless looking complexion.
    Perfect for dry or aged skin, particularly suffered from climatic influences.
    Great for use after sport, beach or other outdoor activities.

    1. Apply day and night after cleansing and toner
    2. appropriate amount can be applied onto face and neck fully
    3. Gently massage until the cream is absorbed.

    It can be used daily as a complement to any other cosmetic line, recommended as a nightcream and it also may be applied as a faily and make-up base