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The world is beautiful… Kenzo's favourite motto has echoed through its creations for 20 years. A positive statement. A kind of crazy dream also that the brand pursues with a poetic and offbeat ootlook on the world. A motionless inner journey, a marine freshness that points the eyes towards a limitless skyline. Daring, always more daring. An unusual fragrance, with strong, spicy notes and golden elephants that strike the imagination... KENZO Parfums likes to surprise and to be where it is least expected.A flower in the city, strong and fragile, singular. The poppy is scentless. KENZO invents its fragrance. A powdery floral with an inimitable signature. FLOWERBYKENZO enjoys a real international success.For the launch of FLOWER TAG, graffiti artist Kid Acne tags the showroom of KENZO Parfums in front of Patrick Guedj's camera. A fleeting meeting between photo and tag, captured in the book "Night birds".KENZO has a new dream for its iconic flower. A dream of lightness and absolute freedom. The poppy now covers the sky in flowers…A joyful hymn to seduction which makes you want to play along.

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