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At the early 50’s of the previous century Mr. Cheong Kun set up a clinic in Macao at Xia Wan Street and started to provide Chinese medicinal therapeutic services.In order to provide better medicinal assistance to his patients and to further enhance the effects of the medicines, Mr. Cheong Kun continuously worked hard on his own self to invent a new medicine that could be practical, effective and economical at the same time. After more than ten years of repeated trials and clinical tests on improvement of the formula, he eventually worked out a medicine to be applied externally with the most desirable effects, which was later marketed under the brand name of “Cheong Kun Oil”.During the 70’s, in order to comply with both the medicine control regulations in both Hong Kong and Macao Cheong Kun Oil successfully fulfilled the conditions of the Pharmaceutical and Drug Control Bureau of Hong Kong and was allowed to be sold in Hong Kong. After Mr. Cheong registered his own photo as the “trade mark” for the product Cheong Kun Oil could be sold on full scale on both markets.In the 80’s in a bid to protect against counterfeit and piracy activities in the Mainland, Mr. Cheong’s photo was registered for Cheong Kun Oil in China.In the 90’s, the factory of Cheong Kun Oil was officially set up in Macao. From that time on, the product could be manufactured substantially to supply to the markets of Macao and Hong Kong and to tourists from all over the world.

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